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Bridging from College to Corporate

Bridging from College to Corporate

We at ITS Corporate Resource Center (CRC) strive to achieve excellence and always think ahead to bridge the gap between academia and industry. CRC focuses on right balancing of quality students with quality corporate placements to give equal opportunities to all the students from various branches.

We are amongst one of the top Engineering and Management Colleges in Delhi NCR providing best Placement Opportunities. Placement drives are well planned and strategized so that maximum students across all the branches are exposed to placement industry interface. We hold a strong placement record in conducting placement drives and are first preferred campus to conduct mass placement drives too. We hold strong 10+ years of corporate recruitment experience with good HR networking at PAN India level.

Bridging from College to Corporate

The uniqueness about ITS CRC is focusing on company requirement, providing company specific training and preparing our students for the job. As a result they are more marketable and well placed in Corporate. With this mindset for skill building and interdisciplinary collaborative learning, a multi-industrial Center of Excellences (COE) has been established in our institution. The versatility of the COEs are dedicated for various branches like National Instruments Innovation Centre (EEE/ECE), SMC Pneumatic Centre (ME/Civil), Rockwell Automation Centre(EEE/ECE), SYSCOM Innovation Development (CSE), iOS App Development Centre (CSE), Android App Development Centre(CSE), Embedded Systems and Robotics Centre (EEE/ECE) , SALT Software Testing Centre and Mobility Innovation Development Centre (CSE), RSystems (CSE). Students from each branch are exposed to the edge of latest trends on technology on their core domain which is booming in the industry.

Our placement mechanism receives a great deal of our attention with a guarantee that every single student of ITS engineering and Management college steps in to the professional world with flying colours.


6 Ways to a stress-free Student life

Stress is something that everyone has been associated with at one point in time. It accompanies us like a shadow lurking in the dark. It has said to be one of the top threats that hinder the academic performance of a college student. It stops a child from unleashing their intellectual potential. 

Mekelle University took a thorough survey of their students and found out that while 42% of students bode well with stress, the rest of the 58% didn’t. Some of the stress determinants were academics, exam anxiety, cohabiting with roommates, future plans, finances, and relationships with their close ones. 

The transition from college to adulthood is a crucial time in a person’s life. Hence it is important to utilize this time in a way that is productive and enjoyable. This article will bring you 7 ways in which you can sail your way through your student life and make it worthwhile.

  1. Eat & Sleep well: Sounds like a very basic thing to do, isn’t it? Although the harsh truth is more than half of the youth fail to follow this. Many wouldn’t be aware but consuming junk food on a regular basis and sleeping less than 6 hours can decrease energy levels in the body and imbalance hormone levels, leading to a lower threshold of stress. Of course, you can have your cheat days, but it is strongly recommended to follow a rich diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping you healthy both physically and mentally for a lifetime. 
  1. Exercise: Besides benefitting overall health, exercise has proved to be an excellent stress buster. Engaging in physical activities produces feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins which foster relaxation. Students can engage in regular workouts through running, brisk walking, biking, gym, or yoga. It will keep your body and mind happy for life.
  1.  Manage time on the phone: Not many students ponder about this but spending too much time on social media can cause one to become insecure, self-conscious, stressed, and lonely. This isn’t a gradual but a slow burn process which is why many fail to notice and hence keep engaging on the never-ending newsfeed. Remember, the business goal of social media sites is to keep you engaged forever. You can always limit the use of your phone and engage in healthier activities instead. Spend time with your family or friends, read a book, play outdoor games, or try out a new hobby—the options are endless. 
  1. Practice deep breathing and meditation: It doesn’t necessarily mean meditating for hours. You can just sit back and calm your mind for 5-10 minutes. Just let your thoughts pass like air and feel alive at that moment. Practice deep breathing by inhaling and exhaling to a count of five. Practicing this a few times activates your parasympathetic nervous system which diminishes predominant stress and anxiety in your body. 

Manage studies without stressing yourself

Sounds tough, right? That’s because we make it tough for ourselves. If students wouldn’t procrastinate to study one day before the exam, they wouldn’t be stressed. With the right technique and time management, even something tedious as studying can be handled with ease. 

Firstly, make a point to attend class everyday and make notes on the things taught in class. Revise them for about 20-30 minutes. Doing this almost everyday will prove to be beneficial at the time of the semester exams as you won’t have to sit for a whole night, cramming up the entire syllabus in your mind. Don’t keep your phone nearby while studying as it might distract you. There’s no need to study continuously for several hours. You are allowed to take a short break in between to relax your mind. Be proactive by planning a schedule on the way you’ll cover up your current semester for the next 3 months. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the teachers or your college mates for doubts. ITS Engineering College will always be there to help its students every step of the way. The college has the best faculty who not only impart education but are also there for the well-being of the students.

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida is helmed as one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. It provides a course in B.Tech and MBA. For more information, you can visit our website,

-Written By:

Shaily Rai

Qualities in a good MBA College and how ITS Engineering does it

A student has completed his/ her graduation degree and is looking for options further down the road. Let’s ask a simple question—what do students usually need after completing their graduation?

  • Opportunities for well-established jobs.
  • A handsome monthly pay.
  • Steady career growth.
  • Requisite skills to start a business.
  • Maintain a business or a company.

The question arises on how to achieve that. The answer is simple- A post-graduation in Master of Business administration (MBA).

Management is a survival skill needed to master in different aspects of a person’s life. However, if one needs to manage a business in the future or a certain aspect of it like the marketing sector, finance, or a group of people, then MBA is the answer. It is the approval stamp required to move up in the corporal ladder. It helps acquire skills of effective communication, management, problem-solving, leadership, strategic thinking, risk management, and self-discipline. 

To move ahead with MBA, one will need to get admission to a reputable college. An MBA degree from a well- deemed serves as a launchpad that goes a long way. So what makes up for a good MBA college?

Age of College: In corporate life, an employee’s capability is judged by his/ her years of experience. Similarly, an old college with years of experience in its academic belt will be preferred over a recently established one. It is recommended to look for old renowned colleges.

Placement: This goes without saying that placement is the number one aspect to look for in a college. While searching for good colleges, check their previous record of placements. How many got placed and what was the package offered to them on average? A college with an excellent record of placement will already be an institution, highly recognized by the corporal industries.

Industrial and Practical Exposure: An institution that moves beyond the syllabus makes up for an impeccable college. Since MBA aims students to be business-ready employees, it is the college’s responsibility to align the students towards that goal. This can be attained through state-of-the-art laboratory industrial visits, international conferences, expert talks, internships, and workshops. Many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have gained the skills this way.

Soft skills development: A person cannot become a manager or a leader without mastering their soft skills. Soft skills are synonyms for a person’s behavior, personality, and sociable traits. Some of the personality development skills are Leadership, teamwork, communication, attitude, work ethic, interpersonal, etc. Good management colleges focus on instilling these skills to the students, which is not only helpful during campus placements, but for the rest of their career life. 

Good Faculty: It forms the crux of the college. An excellent college is a testament to a good record of placements due to the bright-minded students, which is a result of the hard work put in by the students and the teachers. A good faculty understands the mindset of students and adapts a teaching style that is motivating and captivating. 

Facilities: Last but not least is the facilities. They are necessary for the comfort and well-being of the students. A good college ensures that a standardized learning environment is provided for the optimum development of the students. This includes well-furnished classrooms, clean washroom facilities, green lawns, open-spaced campus, Wi-fi, canteen, etc. 

MBA in ITS Engineering College

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida provides a post-graduation course in Management in Business Administration (MBA) in the following specializations of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Business, and Operations. It is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and is the best engineering college in AKTU. It ticks all the checkboxes for a reputable MBA college. Let’s see how.

ITS Engineering College is a part of the ITS Education group that has been running successfully for the past 26 years. When it comes to MBA placements, the college has upheld an excellent record of 100% placements in the year 2020. The highest annual package bagged by an MBA student was 10 Lakhs in the company of Byjus while 3.4 Lakhs was the average package offered to the post- graduating students, hence proving it to be the best placement college in Delhi, NCR. 

MBA Programme in ITS Engineering.

The journey of an MBA course in ITS Engineering begins with an Orientation program. It is a continuous motivational program where speakers brief about the business program, its scope, and the success mantra on becoming successful business tycoons in the future. 

Innovative Learning

The college adopts an innovative way of learning for the overall grooming of a student in a number of ways:

  1. Industry visits: The College conducts one industrial visit every MBA semester. The aim is for the students to experience interactive industry-academic learning. Some of the established industrial visits were in Coca-Cola, Yamaha, Container Corporation of India, Bisleri, and Parle. Due to the Covid outbreak since 2020, these industrial visits are being continued online. 
  2. International Conference: It is a collective interactive platform were MBA students, faculty, and international industry experts gather to talk about the contemporary areas of management through research papers. These events are held once per year. They enhance the relationship between industry and academia, thus helping students gain knowledge about MBA through a different lens. 
  3. Expert talk: Prominent industrial personalities from successful multinational companies and startups are invited to the college to share their valuable insights and experiences. They discuss the future prospects of business; the skills that are needed to develop and also discuss further studies after MBA if anyone is interested.
  4. Workshops and Value-added courses: ITS Engineering provides workshops on Advanced Excel, financial modeling, Tally, entrepreneurship development, Digital marketing, business analytics tools such as SPSS with the aim to groom MBA students with practical knowledge that will be useful for them in the corporate life. Apart from that, the college provides NPTL (National program on technology advanced learning) which is a government-approved online technology course. A certificate on this course adds value to the resume. 
  5. Soft skill development: The faculty instills skill learning and practicality in the minds of MBA students from day one through soft skills classes. These classes aim at building confidence, communication skills, pronunciation, posture, and the overall personality development of a student. By the end of the 3rd semester, the student has mastered these qualities to the point where they are employable ready. 

Besides that, the college adopts an engaging way of learning management through state-of-the-art labs, workshops, internships, live sessions, group discussions, and role-plays. These innovative ventures make ITS engineering one of the top colleges in Delhi NCR and the best college in Greater Noida. 

–Written By Shaily Rai

Industrial Visits and their importance in colleges

Industrial Visits is like a school trip. Students get elated by the idea of visiting an unknown place outside their college. Even if that place is an industry. It is like exploring a new world by itself. Industrial visits have become an essential part of many graduate and post-graduate courses in colleges. Why is it so and how do industrial visits contribute to shaping a student’s career? Let’s learn in this section.

Industrial visit is the first point of contact of a student towards the corporal world. It gives a glimpse into the core industrial life beyond academics. It offers first-hand exposure to the business operations and processes in that workplace. It helps in bridging the gap between academics and corporate for the successful transition of students into capable employees. 

Advantages of Industrial Visits:

Learning exposure: Industrial visits are educational tours that let students see the operations, workstations, plants, machines, assembly lines, and management of industry and meet experienced professionals. This experience complements the theory they have learned so far by seeing the processes up close. A lot can be understood by observation than words in a book. They learn about the policies and the working schedules of that industry. This ultimately helps them build their confidence for their future as what seemed far-fetched earlier isn’t so anymore.

Chance to interact with Industrial Experts: Besides observing the nitty grit of the industry, students also get an opportunity to greet and learn well-renowned professionals, industrialists, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders. These professionals share their experiences and words of wisdom that motivate them to follow their own career aspirations. These educational interactions help them inculcate leadership qualities and management skills in them. It also helps teachers and students stay relevant to the latest trends and technology in the industry.

Personal Management Lessons: Since the students get an opportunity to see the employees work up close, they get a short trailer into their corporal lives. They are introduced to various managerial concepts and how they are performed in action. For a manager, it requires a certain strategy and experience to manage dozens of workers to meet the standard target of the company within the deadline. It is not an easy task. Students get to observe this which ultimately becomes a career lesson that they can apply in the future. 

Boost interpersonal skills: By observing and learning from these educational visits, students enhance their interpersonal skills, communication skills, and teamwork. They realize the importance of these skills that help immensely in corporate life. For both B. Tech and MBA students, this experience aids them in identifying their career goals in life. MBA students can decide which management branch they want to lean on later from marketing, accounting, finance, HR, IT, etc.

Boost employability: Industrial visits give a leeway to expand networks and build a civilized work relationship with those companies. Students gain some valuable insights about the company, eventually connecting them through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This provides opportunities such as internships and training which in turn increases the employability of the students. 

A different day than usual: We all need a little break from our routine from time to time. These industrial visits give students a refreshment from the endless routine of classes and assignments. They get a chance to step outside as well as learn something new, thus killing two birds with one stone. Just like an ordinary tip, they get to connect with their batchmates and teachers. All in all, it becomes a fun learning experience. 

Industrial Visits at ITS Engineering College 

ITS Engineering College is a premium institute of Engineering & Management in Greater Noida that has been running since 2006. The college understands the importance of industrial trips and their role in the student’s career development. Hence the administration makes a point to organize an industrial visit per semester to let the students get in touch with the practicality of their curriculum. Educational experiences like this eventually gear them up for the business world.

Some of the key visits undertaken by ITS Engineering are:

  • Department of ECE and EEE organized an industrial visit to M/s ENKAY Solar Power Limited on October 19, 2021. It was coordinated by Mr. Prabhakar Sharma, AP-ECE & Mr. Upendra K. Agarwal, AP-EEE.
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized an industrial visit to Bisleri International Pvt Ltd for B tech II years on October 10, 2019. It was coordinated by Mr. Aditya Dayal Tyagi and Mr. Vijay Shukla, who along with students interacted with the HR and the front office executives.
  • Department of MBA organized an industrial visit to Anmol Industries Ltd., Greater Noida on October 11, 2019. The goal was to give an insight into the internal working strategy of the company and gain exposure. It was coordinated by Professor Rashmi Kaushik and Professor Sachin Sinha.
  • Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities organized an industrial visit to Mother Dairy Plant at New Delhi for B. Tech first-year students. It was coordinated by Dr. P. C. Jha, along with Mr. Surinder Singh and Mr. Neeraj Tripathi.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an industrial visit to Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd., Dharuhera for B. Tech Final year students. The company is known for manufacturing well-known brands of beer. It was coordinated by Mr. Rohan Srivastava, Mr. Chetan Dixit, and Ms. Preeti Singh.
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized an industrial visit to the National Power Training Institute (NPTI) Ministry of Power, Govt. of India in Faridabad. The main objective was to showcase the various processes involved in the operation and maintenance of power stations and all other aspects of electrical energy systems. 

Written By-
Shaily Rai

Why Mechanical Engineering—Its Scope and Advantages

Without mechanical engineers, Physics is just a theory. And this holds true as it is the mechanical engineers that bring the engineering concepts to life. No wonder the course of mechanical engineering is still in high demand. Mechanical engineering is the study of designing, developing, analyzing, and maintaining mechanical tools, engines, machines, and sensors. If one has a passion for mathematics and physics, then Mechanical Engineering is the best career path to delve their interests in. ME finds its applications in the field of automobiles, research, aircraft, manufacturing, power plant, thermal, and mechatronics. 

What would you need?

So you have decided to step forward into the mechanical world through the course of mechanical engineering (ME). The next step is to choose a platform that would nurture that dream for you—an engineering college. Keep in mind that mechanical engineer requires the skill to apply their knowledge in the field. A mechanic cannot thrive on theoretical concepts alone. So it is best to choose a college that not only enhances the employability quotient but also on the practicality of the subject.  A student choosing a college for pursuing B Tech Mechanical needs to look out for the following aspects as college placement record, state-of-the-art labs, the center of Excellence, excellent faculty, skill development, etc. Choose a college that is known for its innovation and research. It should also have an open, vibrant campus environment where the student gets the privilege to thrive through exams, live projects, industry visits, internships, and workshops.

The campaign of ‘Made in India’ has brought a revolution in the Indian Manufacturing and Industrial sector. As a result, there has been an upsurge of mechanical engineers with the need of grooming them with practicality and creativity. Some of the high payable job profiles in the mechanical domain are automation engineer, research & development engineer, mechanical engineer, powertrain engineer, water engineer, CAD Technician, etc. 

Mechanical Engineering in ITS Engineering College

If you are looking for a college that ticks off all the boxes for a skillful mechanical engineer, then look no further than ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida. It is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and is the best engineering college in AKTU. The college has upstaged itself in placements by organizing over 350+ company visits with more than 400 job offers to the students in the academic year of 2020- 2021. 


If we talk about ‘Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements’ (ARIIA), then ITS Engineering College has been ranked between 6th – 25th  in Private Colleges/ Institutes across India by the Ministry of Education. This achievement has been possible due to the continuous effort by the founders, staff, and students collectively. 

The Mechanical engineering department in ITS Engineering is in sync with the current industry 4.0, adapting the current trends of automation and data exchange including the internet of things, cyber-physical systems, and cloud computing. They inspire their students to be a smart engineer for a smart factory. 

By choosing to pursue B Tech Mechanical, the students will be exposed to technologies such as automation, manufacturing systems, fluid mechanics, computer-aided design, NANO 3-D Printing, etc. On top of that, the college has 8 centers of excellence which help in providing an in-depth understanding of the most relevant industries. SMC Pneumatics CoE was established with SMC Pneumatics which is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. They provide training, projects, and industrial solutions in the field of Industrial Automation and Pneumatic Technology. Moreover, the college provides additional opportunities through interactive workshops, entrepreneurship programs, internships, industry visits, expert talks, virtual classroom sessions, and job placements in top-notch companies. They also train their students on non-technical soft skills to prepare them for interviews and placements. All of this will enable the students to hone their analytical, logical thinking, and behavioral skills necessary to materialize them in the corporate sector later on. 

If you are looking to build a bright future in Mechanical engineering in ITS Engineering you can click on the link to take the first steps towards your dream. 

Written By-

Shaily Rai

Welcome ITSians of 2022

“There is a time and place for everything, and that is college.”

Welcome ITSians of 2022

“There is a time and place for everything, and that is college.”

With that, ITS Engineering College welcomes the first-year engineering students of 2021. Congratulations for making it up here. The gates of college are finally open to welcome the students after a prolonged period of time. The infrastructure offers a vibrant atmosphere for the students to thrive in academics, career, sports, personality development, co-curricular activities, and have a fulfilling college life. We are ecstatic to have you and we hope you have a fruitful journey as you begin the new chapter of your lives. 

Covid- 19 pandemic has certainly changed the paradigm across the world. As the schools and colleges reopen after lockdown, there exists slight unrest amongst the students. ITS Engineering College wants to reassure that the authorities are monitoring the situation very closely by adhering to the strict regulations against Covid, issued by AKTU and the Government of India. They ensure that the students and the staff working in the college are vaccinated to protect themselves as well as the community. Health comes first after all.  

For everyone, the freshman year of college marks the transition from the sheltered days of high school to the independent life of the college. Life becomes exciting with new friendships, regular hangouts at the canteen, playing games, hostel life, late-night movies, etc. It is both exciting and nerve-racking to get to know this world. Know that you are not alone as everyone is on the same boat as you, living the experience. 

Students step into a new phase on their first day of college—in a literal sense that is. The real icebreaker is undoubtedly the fresher’s party. It compels the students to come out of their shells and indulge in campus life for the first time. ITS Engineering College conducts fresher’s parties every year; be it real or virtual.  On 17th December 2021, ITS Engineering College conducted ‘Roobaroo Fresher’s Party to welcome the new faces of 2021. The event witnessed several talents in the form of breakthrough dance performances, singing classic Bollywood, guitar play, broken-hearted shayris, and more. Students didn’t hesitate to show their enthusiasm off the stage. This special day is all about the first-year students as they taste newfound freedom.

ITS Engineering College offers an interactive, innovative learning process for the holistic development of an individual. We have built a culture that is flexible to adapt to the latest technologies, relevant to the industries. Their infrastructure provides various learning opportunities through internships, workshops, industrial visits, expert talks, international conferences, and job placements in top-notch companies. Besides imparting quality education through the hands of their highly qualified faculty, they also focus on technical and soft skills training to enhance the employability of the students. The curriculum has thus been designed in accordance with engineering, business, entrepreneurship, and scientific research. 

In order to bridge the gap between education and technology, the college has collaborated with some of the world-renowned industries to set up nine Centers of Excellence namely Syscom Innovation, Apple iOS, Software Testing Lab, SMC Pneumatics & Electro Pneumatics, National Instruments, and Rockwell Automation center. Besides imparting excellence and technology, we have given the power to the students to harness their young innovated minds in creating startups for the betterment of society. NewGen IEDC is there to serve the purpose by funding and supporting the project. So grab your thinking cap. This opportunity might change your life.

Many former students, who have graduated from ITS Engineering College, summarize their campus life as ‘insightful’ and ‘memorable’. They look back at their campus life fondly and wish it went longer. They hope it goes the same for you. As you walk down the hallways, surrounded by students and faculty, know that you are not alone. Know that there are people who are here to mentor and support you every step of the way. Embrace this phase of your life while it lasts.

Welcome to ITS Engineering College once again.

Written By
Shaily Rai

Placements in ITS Engineering

Written By- Shaily Rai

Getting placed in a well-settled company is the optimum goal of every student. It secures their future in good hands. Many factors play in achieving this such as premium location, a reputable college, excellent faculty, skill development, global exposure, etc. Despite the pandemic reigning over our plans and aspirations since 2020, there has been an upsurge in white-collar jobs. Delhi NCR is an excellent hub for job opportunities with over 322,044 registered companies, making it the second city with the highest number of jobs. Gurugram and Noida are known to provide a wide array of job opportunities in the field of IT and manufacturing. 

Prerequisites for a job

A systematic preparation goes into the transformation of a person from a student to a workable employee. Simply presenting a good report card is not enough. A student will need to acquire two things-Technical and Non- technical skills. 

Technical skills- Nowadays, MNC is demanding candidates possessing global exposure in their domain. Knowing this, ITS Engineering College has set up a Centre of Excellence having development centers of multiple globalized companies like Apple iOS, R-Systems, Syscom, Rockwell Automation, National Instruments Innovation Center (ECE), e- yantra, ITB, SMC Pneumatics. They provide hands-on experience with the recent technology to prepare them for the corporate world. 

A college is judged by its faculty. ITS Engineering College has a line of talented, lecturers, with many Ph.D. holders. They are the pillars of a student’s academic life. 

Non- technical skills- Often we have heard about students who have excelled in academics but failed to crack interviews during placements. Many people tend to oversee this but the truth is non-technical skills are just as important as technical skills. 

Non-technical are soft skills that are synonym with a person’s behavior, personality, and sociable traits. Some of the required soft skills are Leadership, teamwork, communication, attitude, work ethic, interpersonal, etc. ITS Engineering College has its own dedicated Personality Development Program (PDP) team, which nurtures the students for their dream recruitment.

ITS Engineering College

When it comes to college placements, ITS Engineering has maintained for being a top-holder placement college in the Delhi NCR region. The credit for upholding such a standard goes to two teams. 

Corporate Research Center (CRC): They are responsible for conducting on-campus interviews by tying up with the top-notch companies for all industries. They also incorporate guest lecturers to raise awareness to the students about the latest trends and technologies in the market. CRC has held the record of organizing over 350+ company visits in the academic year of 2020- 2021 with more than 400 job offers to the students. Some of the well-renowned companies include TCS, NIIT Technologies, Amazon, Hashedin-Deloitte, Ultratech Cement, Goldman Sachs, DeltaX, Wipro, Accenture, Byju’s, ICICI Bank, IDFC First Bank, etc. 

CRC also encompasses a student committee known as Placecom. They are the hands behind the campus placement, responsible for managing the placement process from beginning to end. These students get hands-on experience in management which proves beneficial to them in the corporate world. 

Personality Development Program Team: The PDP team works in collaboration with the CRC team to provide Aptitude & Reasoning sessions as well as assessment tests right early on in a student’s college life. They also conduct soft skills training, working on communication skills, group discussions, and verbal pronunciation amongst others to prepare students for their placements and interviews.

It is these innovative ventures that make ITS engineering the best placement college in AKTU and one of the best colleges in Uttar Pradesh. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineering Course

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida has opened its doors to a new branch of engineering in Bachelor of technology—Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning (Al & Ml), from the academic year 2021 onwards.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the new computer of technology. In simple words, AI gives life to the machines—by giving them intelligence. This enables the machine to imitate humans in terms of perception, decision making, speech recognition, and language interpretation. And the way we can construct Ai is through Machine learning. Ml is the tool required for the machines to make intelligent decisions based on algorithms and historical data. Some of the well-known applications of AI include Siri, Google Maps, Google assistant, data bot, music and media streaming services, etc. It is like creating a mini robot inside the software.

AI and ML are a subset of Computer science engineering. What separates AI from computer & computer applications is unlike most computer software’s that are required to be pre-programmed, AI does not require that. Instead, they require machine learning algorithms like reinforcement learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks in order to work with their intelligence.

Scope of AI & ML.

The world we see today is mostly driven by technology. The smartphone we carry every day is the best example of that. Artificial Intelligence aims to add another dimension to that technology by solving real-time problems, thus meeting the goals of organizations and humans in general. The requirement of AI is spread into various fields such as robotics, games, finance, cybersecurity, social media, driverless automobiles, health, space technology—the opportunities are endless. An example of its usage was at the time of the Covid pandemic where AI-assisted in the development of vaccines with its analytical predictions and machine learning.

AI is like a developing country that is growing rapidly and still has room to evolve more. There are three kinds of working AI- Weak AI, general AI, and strong AI. In terms of capabilities, AI is still at the weak and general level. It has yet to evolve into a strong AI. Scientists have planned to modify AI to the point where it will track and analyze patients in real-time and help combat fatal diseases such as cancer. While driverless cars are already in use, albeit rarely, they will predictably replace a large number of regular automobiles in the coming decades. These were just some of the examples of AI and its scope in the future.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning jobs.

According to the report prepared by the World Economic Forum, there will be a requirement of 58 million new Artificial intelligence jobs by the end of 2022. AI is continuing to take over technology, thus increasing the demand for artificial intelligence & machine learning jobs in various industries. The subject of Machine learning is crucial for building AI and will be made as mandatory as programming in the coming years. Some of the jobs posts of AI & ML include Artificial intelligence engineer, data scientist, software engineer, robotics engineer, machine learning engineer, AI researcher, ML architect, etc. While some of the well-known AI companies based in India are Dixon, Google, Adobe, Amazon, Wipro, Honeywall Automation, Pfizer, etc.

AI & ML in ITS Engineering College

Being aware of its vast growing aspects, ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida has added Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course into its educational structure. The course of AI will include machine learning, automation, neural networks, algorithms, language processing, robotics, pattern recognition amongst others. The duration of the B Tech AI & ML engineering will be of 4 years, comprising of 8 semesters in total.

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and is the best engineering college in AKTU. The students studying here are blessed with a myriad of opportunities through interactive workshops, entrepreneurship programs, internships, industry visits, expert talks, virtual classroom sessions, and job placements in top-notch companies. They also train their students on non-technical soft skills to prepare them for the corporate world, thus securing their future in artificial intelligence.We believe this is the best time for students to choose AI as their career path at a time when it is thriving in the technological world globally. Students seeking admission in these programs for the session 2021 can register themselves through the ITS Engineering official website

— Written by Shaily Rai

Admission for Engineering and Management, 2021 go live in ITS Engineering College

Affiliated to AKTU University, ITS Engineering College located in Greater Noida is open to admission for the session 2021, offering undergraduate courses in Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) and post-graduation in Master in Business Administration (MBA). The college offers engineering courses in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning. For MBA, the college offers specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Business, and Operations.

This prestigious college is accredited by NAAC, NBA, and AICTE and is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University in Lucknow. From the qualitative education provided by the college, its students are liable to apply in both government and private jobs. Not to mention the in-campus placement opportunities in which ITS has outshined itself by organizing over 350+ company visits in the academic year of 2020- 2021 with more than 400 job offers to the students. Some of the well-renowned companies include TCS, NIIT Technologies, Amazon, Hashedin-Deloitte, Ultratech Cement, Goldman Sachs, DeltaX, Wipro, Accenture, Byju’s, ICICI Bank, IDFC First Bank, etc, thus making the college to be the best placement colleges in Delhi NCR region.

“At ITS Engineering College, we keep in mind the ever-changing technical skills required for industries in India and abroad. Our teaching methods are designed to ensure technology-based learning which is in addition to the domain knowledge of the chosen engineering branch.” Said Dr. B. C. Sharma, director of ITS Engineering College. Keeping this in mind, the college has a library with a rich collection of printed and non-printed documents. The printed collection has more than 1000 books, covering almost all areas of engineering branches, management, applied sciences, and professional English along with books on various competitive exams. In addition, it has a National Digital Library with 6.5 million resources of general engineering and over 2000+ E-books and E-journals. The library has also subscribed to national & international journals/magazines. 

Students are exposed to a handful of opportunities through internships in core companies, industry visits, live projects, expert talks, MOOCs, workshops, case studies, upscale labs, and virtual classroom sessions. On technical front, the college boasts 9 Center of Excellence collaborating with global industries namely Apple iOS Apps Development Centre, Software Testing Lab, Syscom Innovation Development Centre, SMC Pneumatics & Electro Pneumatics Excellence Centre, National Instruments Innovation Centre, and Rockwell Automation Centre. In addition, they have 3 government-supported incubation centers that mold, inspire and commercialize student’s ideas and assist budding entrepreneurs to run their start-ups.

ITS Engineering strives in giving equal education opportunities to all through academic scholarships to engineering and management students. Over the years, they have offered scholarships to more than 1000 students from various categories. ITS avails scholarships based on three categories—Government scholarships, ITS Scholarships & Corporate Scholarships.

“ITS Education group believes in holistic education for students, encompassing academics, co-curricular activities, sports education, and life-skills learning.” Said Mr. Sohail Chadha, Vice- Chairman of the ITS Education Group. Apart from academics and incubation centers, the college hosts a variety of fests, soft skills training, celebrity visits, and cultural events. The campus bears separate sports grounds for lawn tennis, cricket, football, volleyball, and a number of indoor games sports. The college has a range of facilities, fulfilling all the needs of students from a hostel, library, auditorium, cafeteria, transport, laundry, hospital, ATM, Wi-Fi, temple, pharmacy, stationery, to the gym.

Keeping in mind the latest protocols of Covid issued by the Government of India, the college has been mindful of following all the protocols by keeping the campus sanitized, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated. The faculty has been successfully organizing and managing academic sessions of students through online classes, video calls and live sessions since the pandemic.Students seeking admission in these programs for the session 2021 can register themselves through the ITS Engineering official website Here, the students can gain access to more information about scholarships, eligibility criteria, and campus facilities

Written By-
Shaily Rai

Student’s future: Engineering Entrepreneurship & Placements in Colleges

Entrepreneurship and Start-up rank in India.

“For any nation to emerge as a developed economy, it is important for that nation to focus on research and innovation which helps them in designing and developing new products.” As of 2020, India has been ranked 48th amongst the top 50 countries in the Global Innovation Index. It has jumped four places since the last ranking.

While according to Start-up Blink—a world renowned research center based on start-ups, India ranks 20th amongst top 100 countries in the Global Start-up Ecosystem Index in 2021. If we talk about cities, Delhi ranks 14th amongst the top 25 cities in the Global Start-up Index.

This economic upscale has been possible due to the innovative contribution of upcoming Entrepreneurs across the country. As of 2021, the government has successfully established innovation council in more than 2500 Universities.

If we talk about innovation cells, it is a recent initiative devised by the Ministry of Education to promote University students to encourage, inspire and nurture new ideas and bring them to reality. Such has been done in engineering colleges to welcome fresh ideas into the world of science.

ARIIA and Its Parameters

To ensure that India maintains/ retains this equilibrium, the Ministry of Education, Government of India has devised ‘Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements’ abbreviated as ARIIA. It is there to rank education universities/ private institutes based on below parameters.

1.  Student’s participation and contribution in entrepreneurship and innovation programs across the academic year.

2.  Besides entrepreneurship, ARIIA also scrutinizes the financial support that the colleges offer to students to build their start-ups in campus. It further observes the pre- incubation and incubation infrastructure. That is, the total funding provided to the successful start-ups in that financial year.

3.  Of course, students aren’t going to develop ideas out of nowhere. They need a base—a knowledgeable tool that sharpens their skills and creativity. ARIIA is determinable upon the courses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation provided by the institute during that academic year.

ITS Engineering College has been consistently working on the same protocols of ARIIA and has successfully achieved the ranking of Top 6-25 private institutes across India under B and A category, which was announced by the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu. On top of that, it has been listed in the top 3 engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh while it stands on number one spot in Greater Noida.

ITS Engineering College with regards to Innovation.

NewGen IEDC (New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres) at ITS Engineering College aims towards the establishment and growth of start-ups and companies in their beginning stages. NewGen IEDC has been funded by The Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development (NSTEDB) of over Rs 2.87 Crores.

ITS Engineering College provides necessary skills to students about various aspects of Entrepreneurship in the form of Entrepreneurship Awareness camps and workshops. With the further venture from NewGen IEDC, undergraduate engineering students and post- graduate students from ITS Engineering College will be able to bring their ingenious ideas to life, thus aiming to make their dreams come true.

Engineering Admissions in ITS Engineering College for the academic year 2021-2022 are open now. ITS provides engineering courses in the specialization of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, and Civil Engineering. The admission form for the engineering college is available through the link here.

Written by- Shaily Rai.

Is engineering the right field for you?

Different branches of engineering

Be it engineering, medical, or any other field, everyone asks the same question. But the question itself is flawed. Instead of asking—is this right for you, one should ask—Will I be able to do it right? It is mostly upto the individual, their passion and dedication towards their career that drives them to the road of success. 

Engineering is a vast field that comprises top engineering courses and opportunities in the corporate world. New branches are being added in the B. Tech course, aiming to align with the developing technology. As long as science exists, engineers will exist to develop as well. 

Before choosing engineering as your domain, ask yourself whether you are choosing this on your own or is peer pressure mapping your career for you? If it’s the latter, then it will be a tough road ahead of you, and the chances of becoming a successful engineer are close to nil. Many engineering pursuing students are unable to score well because of this reason. Make sure you choose engineering because you want to. This also includes choosing top colleges for B tech in India that builds the base for you, like ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida. 

Below are the parameters to consider before choosing the best course for Btech. Consider these and ask yourself whether engineering is the right fit for you.

  1. Maths and Physics are an integral part of the B tech course. A student excelling in these two subjects is capable enough to be an engineer. It’s okay if you are lacking in few areas, but you need to be quick in basic mathematics and calculations. Please reconsider engineering if you are weak in Mathematics and Physics. These subjects are vitally needed to clear the competitive exams like JEE and are put into use in the corporate world later on.
  2. If you happen to like solving technical problems, riddles, and puzzles, then congratulations, you met your match in engineering. Besides maths and physics, engineering requires a person with analytical and critical thinking skills. 
  3. Technology is a synonym for computers. If you happen to love working with computers and their technicalities, you’ll love engineering as well.  Be it, Information Technology, Computer Science, or Artificial Intelligence, there are multiple options when it comes to the technical aspects of engineering. Computer engineers are needed both in hardware and software. 
  4. Observation is also an integral aspect of an engineer. If you possess a keen eye for detail then you are eligible to choose to engineer. 
  5. Creativity is to go beyond what is available and develop something new. A person with a creative mind can do wonders in engineering. It could be an innovative way to solve a problem or make something that is timely and efficient. 
  6. If you are keen on the idea of developing and sustaining infrastructures, airplanes, telecommunication devices, engines, automobiles, robots, then you can make your wish come true through the medium of engineering. Besides these, there is an availability of engineers in the field of medicine, agriculture, ceramics, marine, environment, etc. The opportunities are endless.

For information about B Tech and its various branches in ITS Greater Noida, refer to ITS Engineering College official website.

-Written by Shaily Rai