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6 Ways to a stress-free Student life

Stress is something that everyone has been associated with at one point in time. It accompanies us like a shadow lurking in the dark. It has said to be one of the top threats that hinder the academic performance of a college student. It stops a child from unleashing their intellectual potential.  Mekelle University tookContinue reading 6 Ways to a stress-free Student life

Qualities in a good MBA College and how ITS Engineering does it

A student has completed his/ her graduation degree and is looking for options further down the road. Let’s ask a simple question—what do students usually need after completing their graduation? Opportunities for well-established jobs. A handsome monthly pay. Steady career growth. Requisite skills to start a business. Maintain a business or a company. The questionContinue reading “Qualities in a good MBA College and how ITS Engineering does it”

Industrial Visits and their importance in colleges

Industrial Visits is like a school trip. Students get elated by the idea of visiting an unknown place outside their college. Even if that place is an industry. It is like exploring a new world by itself. Industrial visits have become an essential part of many graduate and post-graduate courses in colleges. Why is itContinue reading “Industrial Visits and their importance in colleges”

Why Mechanical Engineering—Its Scope and Advantages

Without mechanical engineers, Physics is just a theory. And this holds true as it is the mechanical engineers that bring the engineering concepts to life. No wonder the course of mechanical engineering is still in high demand. Mechanical engineering is the study of designing, developing, analyzing, and maintaining mechanical tools, engines, machines, and sensors. IfContinue reading “Why Mechanical Engineering—Its Scope and Advantages”

Welcome ITSians of 2022

“There is a time and place for everything, and that is college.” Welcome ITSians of 2022 “There is a time and place for everything, and that is college.” With that, ITS Engineering College welcomes the first-year engineering students of 2021. Congratulations for making it up here. The gates of college are finally open to welcomeContinue reading “Welcome ITSians of 2022”

Placements in ITS Engineering

Written By- Shaily Rai Getting placed in a well-settled company is the optimum goal of every student. It secures their future in good hands. Many factors play in achieving this such as premium location, a reputable college, excellent faculty, skill development, global exposure, etc. Despite the pandemic reigning over our plans and aspirations since 2020,Continue reading “Placements in ITS Engineering”

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineering Course

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida has opened its doors to a new branch of engineering in Bachelor of technology—Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning (Al & Ml), from the academic year 2021 onwards. What is Artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is the new computer of technology. In simple words, AI gives life to the machines—by givingContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineering Course”

Admission for Engineering and Management, 2021 go live in ITS Engineering College

Affiliated to AKTU University, ITS Engineering College located in Greater Noida is open to admission for the session 2021, offering undergraduate courses in Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) and post-graduation in Master in Business Administration (MBA). The college offers engineering courses in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical &Continue reading “Admission for Engineering and Management, 2021 go live in ITS Engineering College”

Student’s future: Engineering Entrepreneurship & Placements in Colleges

Entrepreneurship and Start-up rank in India. “For any nation to emerge as a developed economy, it is important for that nation to focus on research and innovation which helps them in designing and developing new products.” As of 2020, India has been ranked 48th amongst the top 50 countries in the Global Innovation Index. It hasContinue reading “Student’s future: Engineering Entrepreneurship & Placements in Colleges”

Is engineering the right field for you?

Be it engineering, medical, or any other field, everyone asks the same question. But the question itself is flawed. Instead of asking—is this right for you, one should ask—Will I be able to do it right? It is mostly upto the individual, their passion and dedication towards their career that drives them to the roadContinue reading “Is engineering the right field for you?”