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Industrial Visits and their importance in colleges

Industrial Visits is like a school trip. Students get elated by the idea of visiting an unknown place outside their college. Even if that place is an industry. It is like exploring a new world by itself. Industrial visits have become an essential part of many graduate and post-graduate courses in colleges. Why is itContinue reading “Industrial Visits and their importance in colleges”

Welcome ITSians of 2022

“There is a time and place for everything, and that is college.” Welcome ITSians of 2022 “There is a time and place for everything, and that is college.” With that, ITS Engineering College welcomes the first-year engineering students of 2021. Congratulations for making it up here. The gates of college are finally open to welcomeContinue reading “Welcome ITSians of 2022”

Placements in ITS Engineering

Written By- Shaily Rai Getting placed in a well-settled company is the optimum goal of every student. It secures their future in good hands. Many factors play in achieving this such as premium location, a reputable college, excellent faculty, skill development, global exposure, etc. Despite the pandemic reigning over our plans and aspirations since 2020,Continue reading “Placements in ITS Engineering”

Lack of skills will kill your opportunity

A good respectful human is always defined by his or her skill set in his or her perspective field so we should have a good skill set in our prospective field to get good opportunities. So if we are skilled person then we have a bigger tendency to think about the reaction which might takeContinue reading “Lack of skills will kill your opportunity”

Why should you go for I.T.S?

 Finally, you have completed your schooling in different regions of India and now you are excited to get into college.  If you are confused that which college you should choose for your further studies.  Here, I am going to tell you some of the interesting facts that why would you go to I.T.S Engineering College,Continue reading “Why should you go for I.T.S?”

NASA Achievement of ITS Engineering College

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University is one of the most advanced engineering colleges in India. With accreditations by NAAC & NBA and approved by AICTE, this institute has a bag full of achievements to boost on. And talking about achievements, what could be a bigger achievement thanContinue reading “NASA Achievement of ITS Engineering College”

ITS Engineering College: Sports is the fuel

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This isn’t just a small proverb, this is the formula to make people more efficient and work more effectively yielding more output. Yes, Sports is the fuel and at ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida, they take care of this section greatly. ITS Engineering College believesContinue reading “ITS Engineering College: Sports is the fuel”

The strength of positive thinking

Positive thinking is so much powerful that it can change your daily routine and leads you to solve your problems easily. Positive thinking is the key to success because it keeps you motivated and changes your attitude towards your problems occurring in life. This thing might look funny to some people how thinking can changeContinue reading “The strength of positive thinking”

The golden gift of monks “meditation”

We all have listened very much about meditation but today I m going to tell you the benefits and proper way of doing meditation. Meditation is the basic exercise for the mind which helps our mind to lose all the anxiety, stress, and tensions and feel free. Meditation is very much effective for people whoContinue reading “The golden gift of monks “meditation””