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Qualities in a good MBA College and how ITS Engineering does it

A student has completed his/ her graduation degree and is looking for options further down the road. Let’s ask a simple question—what do students usually need after completing their graduation?

  • Opportunities for well-established jobs.
  • A handsome monthly pay.
  • Steady career growth.
  • Requisite skills to start a business.
  • Maintain a business or a company.

The question arises on how to achieve that. The answer is simple- A post-graduation in Master of Business administration (MBA).

Management is a survival skill needed to master in different aspects of a person’s life. However, if one needs to manage a business in the future or a certain aspect of it like the marketing sector, finance, or a group of people, then MBA is the answer. It is the approval stamp required to move up in the corporal ladder. It helps acquire skills of effective communication, management, problem-solving, leadership, strategic thinking, risk management, and self-discipline. 

To move ahead with MBA, one will need to get admission to a reputable college. An MBA degree from a well- deemed serves as a launchpad that goes a long way. So what makes up for a good MBA college?

Age of College: In corporate life, an employee’s capability is judged by his/ her years of experience. Similarly, an old college with years of experience in its academic belt will be preferred over a recently established one. It is recommended to look for old renowned colleges.

Placement: This goes without saying that placement is the number one aspect to look for in a college. While searching for good colleges, check their previous record of placements. How many got placed and what was the package offered to them on average? A college with an excellent record of placement will already be an institution, highly recognized by the corporal industries.

Industrial and Practical Exposure: An institution that moves beyond the syllabus makes up for an impeccable college. Since MBA aims students to be business-ready employees, it is the college’s responsibility to align the students towards that goal. This can be attained through state-of-the-art laboratory industrial visits, international conferences, expert talks, internships, and workshops. Many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have gained the skills this way.

Soft skills development: A person cannot become a manager or a leader without mastering their soft skills. Soft skills are synonyms for a person’s behavior, personality, and sociable traits. Some of the personality development skills are Leadership, teamwork, communication, attitude, work ethic, interpersonal, etc. Good management colleges focus on instilling these skills to the students, which is not only helpful during campus placements, but for the rest of their career life. 

Good Faculty: It forms the crux of the college. An excellent college is a testament to a good record of placements due to the bright-minded students, which is a result of the hard work put in by the students and the teachers. A good faculty understands the mindset of students and adapts a teaching style that is motivating and captivating. 

Facilities: Last but not least is the facilities. They are necessary for the comfort and well-being of the students. A good college ensures that a standardized learning environment is provided for the optimum development of the students. This includes well-furnished classrooms, clean washroom facilities, green lawns, open-spaced campus, Wi-fi, canteen, etc. 

MBA in ITS Engineering College

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida provides a post-graduation course in Management in Business Administration (MBA) in the following specializations of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Business, and Operations. It is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and is the best engineering college in AKTU. It ticks all the checkboxes for a reputable MBA college. Let’s see how.

ITS Engineering College is a part of the ITS Education group that has been running successfully for the past 26 years. When it comes to MBA placements, the college has upheld an excellent record of 100% placements in the year 2020. The highest annual package bagged by an MBA student was 10 Lakhs in the company of Byjus while 3.4 Lakhs was the average package offered to the post- graduating students, hence proving it to be the best placement college in Delhi, NCR. 

MBA Programme in ITS Engineering.

The journey of an MBA course in ITS Engineering begins with an Orientation program. It is a continuous motivational program where speakers brief about the business program, its scope, and the success mantra on becoming successful business tycoons in the future. 

Innovative Learning

The college adopts an innovative way of learning for the overall grooming of a student in a number of ways:

  1. Industry visits: The College conducts one industrial visit every MBA semester. The aim is for the students to experience interactive industry-academic learning. Some of the established industrial visits were in Coca-Cola, Yamaha, Container Corporation of India, Bisleri, and Parle. Due to the Covid outbreak since 2020, these industrial visits are being continued online. 
  2. International Conference: It is a collective interactive platform were MBA students, faculty, and international industry experts gather to talk about the contemporary areas of management through research papers. These events are held once per year. They enhance the relationship between industry and academia, thus helping students gain knowledge about MBA through a different lens. 
  3. Expert talk: Prominent industrial personalities from successful multinational companies and startups are invited to the college to share their valuable insights and experiences. They discuss the future prospects of business; the skills that are needed to develop and also discuss further studies after MBA if anyone is interested.
  4. Workshops and Value-added courses: ITS Engineering provides workshops on Advanced Excel, financial modeling, Tally, entrepreneurship development, Digital marketing, business analytics tools such as SPSS with the aim to groom MBA students with practical knowledge that will be useful for them in the corporate life. Apart from that, the college provides NPTL (National program on technology advanced learning) which is a government-approved online technology course. A certificate on this course adds value to the resume. 
  5. Soft skill development: The faculty instills skill learning and practicality in the minds of MBA students from day one through soft skills classes. These classes aim at building confidence, communication skills, pronunciation, posture, and the overall personality development of a student. By the end of the 3rd semester, the student has mastered these qualities to the point where they are employable ready. 

Besides that, the college adopts an engaging way of learning management through state-of-the-art labs, workshops, internships, live sessions, group discussions, and role-plays. These innovative ventures make ITS engineering one of the top colleges in Delhi NCR and the best college in Greater Noida. 

–Written By Shaily Rai



Top Engineering College, one of the premier Institutions in the field of Technical and Management Education, was established in 2006.

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