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6 Ways to a stress-free Student life

Stress is something that everyone has been associated with at one point in time. It accompanies us like a shadow lurking in the dark. It has said to be one of the top threats that hinder the academic performance of a college student. It stops a child from unleashing their intellectual potential. 

Mekelle University took a thorough survey of their students and found out that while 42% of students bode well with stress, the rest of the 58% didn’t. Some of the stress determinants were academics, exam anxiety, cohabiting with roommates, future plans, finances, and relationships with their close ones. 

The transition from college to adulthood is a crucial time in a person’s life. Hence it is important to utilize this time in a way that is productive and enjoyable. This article will bring you 7 ways in which you can sail your way through your student life and make it worthwhile.

  1. Eat & Sleep well: Sounds like a very basic thing to do, isn’t it? Although the harsh truth is more than half of the youth fail to follow this. Many wouldn’t be aware but consuming junk food on a regular basis and sleeping less than 6 hours can decrease energy levels in the body and imbalance hormone levels, leading to a lower threshold of stress. Of course, you can have your cheat days, but it is strongly recommended to follow a rich diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping you healthy both physically and mentally for a lifetime. 
  1. Exercise: Besides benefitting overall health, exercise has proved to be an excellent stress buster. Engaging in physical activities produces feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins which foster relaxation. Students can engage in regular workouts through running, brisk walking, biking, gym, or yoga. It will keep your body and mind happy for life.
  1.  Manage time on the phone: Not many students ponder about this but spending too much time on social media can cause one to become insecure, self-conscious, stressed, and lonely. This isn’t a gradual but a slow burn process which is why many fail to notice and hence keep engaging on the never-ending newsfeed. Remember, the business goal of social media sites is to keep you engaged forever. You can always limit the use of your phone and engage in healthier activities instead. Spend time with your family or friends, read a book, play outdoor games, or try out a new hobby—the options are endless. 
  1. Practice deep breathing and meditation: It doesn’t necessarily mean meditating for hours. You can just sit back and calm your mind for 5-10 minutes. Just let your thoughts pass like air and feel alive at that moment. Practice deep breathing by inhaling and exhaling to a count of five. Practicing this a few times activates your parasympathetic nervous system which diminishes predominant stress and anxiety in your body. 

Manage studies without stressing yourself

Sounds tough, right? That’s because we make it tough for ourselves. If students wouldn’t procrastinate to study one day before the exam, they wouldn’t be stressed. With the right technique and time management, even something tedious as studying can be handled with ease. 

Firstly, make a point to attend class everyday and make notes on the things taught in class. Revise them for about 20-30 minutes. Doing this almost everyday will prove to be beneficial at the time of the semester exams as you won’t have to sit for a whole night, cramming up the entire syllabus in your mind. Don’t keep your phone nearby while studying as it might distract you. There’s no need to study continuously for several hours. You are allowed to take a short break in between to relax your mind. Be proactive by planning a schedule on the way you’ll cover up your current semester for the next 3 months. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the teachers or your college mates for doubts. ITS Engineering College will always be there to help its students every step of the way. The college has the best faculty who not only impart education but are also there for the well-being of the students.

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-Written By:

Shaily Rai



Top Engineering College, one of the premier Institutions in the field of Technical and Management Education, was established in 2006.

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